March Madness  - Ron Roy, John Steven Gurney
March Mischief is the third book in the Calendar Mysteries series, a short St. Patrick's Day-themed mystery about a missing statue. If you have a serious problem with the U.S. incarnation of St. Patrick's Day, it might not be for you; however, I think that it manages to dodge most of the things people complain about when it comes to the holiday, simply by being aimed at children instead of adults. Like the Valentine's Day element of February Friend, the St. Patrick's Day elements are a background to the mystery itself, which is swift and obvious to adults reading along--but not to the point of boredom.
Ultimately, I think it's a cute little mystery that captures the U.S. idea of St. Patrick's Day without hurting any feelings. It's not captivating fiction by any means, but it's definitely harmless fun ideal for small children. Like all the Green Lawn books, I recommend it highly.